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At Bridlelodge we have been caring for the regions cats for over 30 years. This hopefully assures you we have a wealth of experience in tending to your pets needs.
The units we use are huge. Totalling approximately 50sq. ft. each. We are often asked if our accommodation is indoor or outdoor, quite simply it is both!! The indoor sleeping quarters are about 25sq.ft. with infra red heating which keeps them cosy whatever goes on with the weather. We supply an igloo with bedding inside to add to their comfort but there is ample room for your own beds, bedding, scratching posts or toys if desired. Outside is a large covered run with sun shelves at various heights and a scratching post.
We feed your pets on the same food as you feed at home, or as near as we can get. We stock about 12 premium wet foods and about 7 premium dry feeds, you can bring your own food if preferred.
All cats must be fully vaccinated and a card to this effect must accompany them to our cattery. All cats are given individual attention through the day but if you feel your pet may need any special requirements please give us a call.
Daily tariff can be found in FAQ’S.