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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to board my pets? 

Prices as of 2018 (please call for latest prices)
1 large dog £13.00 per day 1 small dog £12.50 per day. (Large = 35lb or above).
1 cat £8.00 per day.
2 pets less 15% discount
3 pets less 20% discount
Doggie day care by arrangement £8.50 per day.
For multiple pets please call for additional discounts. Discounts also available for long term boarding (22 days and over).

Can I Visit Bridlelodge Before Booking?

We are open for viewing from 9-6 every day, however, as we are very busy at the start and end of each day we would appreciate a call to arrange viewing and would prefer if you could plan to visit between 11 and 3.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

We supply everything needed for your pet during their stay. However, feel free to bring items to help them settle in. Bedding is fine but please consider carefully before bringing certain types of dog bedding, keeping some soft bedding dry is impossible during wet weather. We supply vetbed bedding which can be kept dry and is easily washed. Cat bedding of any kind is fine. Toys etc. are recommended. All items are left entirely at the owners risk.

Do I Need To Supply My Pets Food?

No. We keep many premium moist and dry foods in stock. However, if you would like to bring your own pets diet you can.

What Time Can I Drop My Pet Off?

We prefer pets to be dropped off before 2pm, however, we are open until 6pm. We strongly advise pets that haven’t boarded with us previously arrive before lunchtime so he or she can settle into the new surroundings.

Does My Pet Need To Be Vaccinated?  

Yes – see our vaccination page.

What If My Pet Needs Medication During Boarding?

We are happy to administer any medication your pet may require during boarding. 

What If My Pet Becomes Ill Whilst Boarding?

If we are unhappy about your pets health during their visit we will seek veterinary advice. We have an insurance to cover these costs, however, only problems related to boarding will be covered. All other issues will be billed to the owner.

Will My Pet Mix With Other Pets?

Your pet will be able to hear, smell and see other pets in residence but we never allow pets from different households to mix. This is for hygiene reasons and to avoid risks of disagreements!

How Should I Pay For My Pets Stay?

The easiest way is by cash or DEBIT card (we do not accept credit cards), cheques are acceptable but only 21 days in advance of the departure date.
What If My Pet Doesn’t Settle?
All owners must leave valid contact numbers whilst they are away. We do everything possible to keep your pets happy and healthy but very occasionally individuals do not feel happy when left. We will not keep stressed pets. We are here to care for them. It is the owners responsibility to ensure their pet has a backup plan just in case. We recommend a short stay “trial” if your pet hasn’t boarded previously before your main holiday.
Can My Dog Be Bathed Or Groomed Before Leaving?
We recommend booking a bath before collecting your pet. All dogs are walked at least twice daily in the surrounding countryside, they do enjoy themselves and get muddy!!! Grooming can be arranged but would need booking well in advance.